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PDFDesign for Manufacturing: Assuring Quality, Minimizing Costs

Improving your product’s yields and reducing its production cycle-time are critical to meeting your cost targets and fulfilling forecasted demand.

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Product Design Engineering, Design for Manufacturing, Velocity Services

OnCore Design and NPI Services

OnCore Velocity™ - Product Design Engineering

Your company’s products are what differentiate you.  Continuous and rapid product innovation is how you maintain your differentiation.

OnCore Velocity  is a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to your product’s commercialization for the markets in which you compete.  Velocity consists of:

  • Velocity contract design services under which you purchase design services on a time-and-materials basis.  Ideally suited for early ideation to proto-type product development.
  • Velocity collaborative development manufacturing services which benefit you as our engineering  and development teams work together with your teams to ensure the rapid commercialization of your product from proto-type to seamless manufacturing hand-offs, reducing your time to market.

Service Offerings

  • DFx, Reliability and Failure Analysis

    • OnCore provides design-for-manufacturing , test and product reliability services based on tools and data systems that help ensure achieving your time-to-revenue and cost targets as well as preparing your products for production volumes.

  • Ideation, Systems Architecture, User Interface and Industrial Design
    • We can help you take your idea to production to sunset or refresh.  We’ll work with you to determine the best combination of resources to achieve your product’s objectives.

  • Electronic Design
    • OnCore engineers provide complete board layout design including design for manufacturing, design for testability and design to cost for products ranging from small, medical personal monitoring devices to large alternative energy high-voltage management stations.  Examples of some of the product include embedded controllers, digital signal processors design, radio frequency communications,  FPGA design and sensor design.
  • Mechanical Engineering, Enclosures, Technology
    • Our mechanical design services for enclosures utilize a variety of materials including metal, plastic and foam.  We also provide mechanical, structural and thermal analyses which can increase the differentiation of your product. 
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