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Solving Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) for Northrop-Grumman 

OnCore Product Lifecycle Management, Logistics & After Market Services

OnCore Product Lifecycle Management Systems

Fulfillment, EOL, After Market Services

Many of our customers’ products have long lifecycles.  This has implications for managing long-term fulfillment, component availability and product maintenance.

OnCore tailors solutions for product’s long lifecycle phases which are often encountered in aerospace and defense, industrial and medical markets.  

Some of our solutions by lifecycle phase and their benefits to your business include:

Fulfillment:  OnCore has capabilities to test your product in its final configuration and ship it to your customer or distribution center thus reducing time-to-fulfillment to your customer

  • Product test – our test engineers can help you design and implement system-level tests for your product.
    • Simulated End-Use Test
    • Environmental Test including temperature and vibration
  • Logistics – we manage your requirements with a full range of flexible support services which reduce demand fulfillment time, including:
    • Dock to Stock
    • Direct-to-customer shipments
    • Distribution and transportation
    • Management of returns
    • Data visibility and information sharing

EOL:  Long lifecycle products present unique challenges for component sourcing and component validation (counterfeit avoidance).  OnCore solutions address these lifecycle challenges which allow you ship a quality product over its expected life.

Product Lifecycle

  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMS or DMSMS) – is the loss or impending loss of manufacturers of items.  Obsolescence is a lack of availability due to statutory and process changes (an example would be lead parts being replaced by lead-free parts).  DMS is the lack of sources or the materials themselves.  Your OnCore program manager, working with OnCore Global Sourcing mitigate the effects of DMSMS by:
    • Following DoD SD-22 directive – DMS Best Practices – which help lower Total-Lifecycle Systems Management (TLCSM) costs
    • Monitoring the IHS Comet EOL materials database – providing you with long-range supply forecast which allows for planned EOL buys or component redesigns
    • Staffing with sourcing managers who possess diverse procurement knowledge,  experience at obtaining “hard to find” components and expertise in supply sources and market analysis
  • Counterfeit Avoidance – electronic component counterfeiting has increased as the cost of certain components increases and as many components come to EOL.  OnCore provides its customers with a counterfeit avoidance lab service.  The lab:
    • Adheres to SAE  AS5553 Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition standard
    • Visual External Inspection for Signs of Resurfacing
    • Visual Microscopic Inspection of Encapsulant Finish and Lead Surfaces
    • X-Ray Inspection
    • X-RF Inspection
    • Decapsulation
    • SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscopy)
    • Parametric Testing a.k.a. Curve Tracing
    • Gross Leak and Fine Lead (Hermetically Sealed Components)
    • Functional Electrical Testing

Aftermarket Services:  OnCore creates aftermarket service solutions personalized to your product and business requirements                 

Examples include:

  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Warranty Administration
  • Product Upgrade
  • Recalibration & Recondition
  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Environmental Testing
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