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Electronic Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & Assembly

OnCore Electronic Manufacturing Services

Our Capabilities

All OnCore sites provide a complete range of services that can be combined into a custom solution for your advanced electronic products. The solutions we create for our customers can span the entire product lifecycle, from design to new product introduction to sourcing and manufacturing to logistics, fulfillment and aftermarket services, or just a single aspect of such as new product introduction.

OnCore services include

Design services:

  • Board layout for schematics
  • Circuit design
  • Mechanical and product design
  • DFx
  • Design-to-cost

NPI services:

  • Quick-turn prototyping - Flexible turnaround time from 3 to 5 days from a complete material kit and complete documentation
  • Full commercialization services from ideation to production-level Cpk

Sourcing services:

  • Kanban replenishment
  • Counterfeit avoidance
  • DMS

Manufacturing services:

  • JIT manufacturing
  • Automated high-volume assemblies from enclosures to full box-builds including:
    • Full systems integration
    • Sub assemblies and complete system assembly
    • Power supplies
    • Full product testing: digital, analog, RF, mixed technologies
    • Configuration management
    • Finished goods stocking programs
    • End user order fulfillment capabilities
  • Final system integration
  • SMT-automated pick and placed assemblies
  • Statistical process control with real-time defect trend analysis and data collection
  • SMT and through-hole assembly mixed components assemblies capabilities including:
    • Single-sided component populated boards
    • Double-sided component populated boards
    • Single-layer rugged/heavy construction
    • Multi-layer complex and handling sensitive boards
    • Flexible circuit assemblies
    • Low-volume to high-volume manufacturing
    • Fine-pitched QFPs and passives
    • Plastic, tape, and ceramic ball grid arrays (BGAs)
    • Chip scale packages
    • Fine-pitched SMT connectors
    • Assembly capabilities span 0201 passives, 0.3mm QFPs, 0.5mm CSPs at one end of the dimensional scale to 1,180 pin BGA
    • High-density BGA
    • High-density, complex SMT
    • High pincount interconnect
    • High I/O BGA
    • Direct chip attach
    • Chip scale attach
    • PCMCIA
    • Component lead forming: automatic and semi-automatic forming equipment
    • Axial component sequencing
    • Automatic or semi-automatic insertion
    • Manual/mechanical assembly: application of staking, nuts/bolts, riveting and studs
  • Conformal coating services, including urethane, 2-part epoxies, and parylene finishes
  • Advanced process capabilities including:
    • No clean chemistry
    • Water soluble chemistry
    • RMA chemistry
    • Ionic contamination testing
    • Manufacturing for customers with high impedance requirements and ionic contamination requirements of less than 6.5 µg/square inch
    • Wave soldering and selective soldering
    • Auto insertion
    • Multiple board finishes including HASL, nickel-gold, and immersion tin
    • Ball Grid Array (BGA) rework, re-balling and inspection services using x-ray
    • Interconnection and packaging consulting
    • Process development

Logistics/Fulfillment services:

Dock-to-stock distribution
Direct-to-customer shipment

After Market services:

Warranty and repair services

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