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PDFTest Services Overview

OnCore provides a comprehensive set of test services to assure customers' products consistently meet quality targets. In addition to our extensive ATE tools and capabilities OnCore offers custom test development services individually designed for your product.

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OnCore Supply Chain Management Systems & Solutions, Engineering Services

OnCore Supply Chain Management Systems & Solutions

Production Technical and Engineering Services

OnCore’s Production Technology and Engineering Services group helps accelerate your product’s commercialization process from proof-of-concept to next generation product extensions or anywhere along the way.

The Production Technology and Engineering group offer an array of services and solutions all aimed to improve your product’s quality and performance as well as to reduce costs.

Key services and solutions include:

  • Services:
    • Quote Analysis
      • Review of all documents including Bill of Material, Assembly Specifications, CAD drawings and Gerber files to confirm accuracy and completeness of quotes
    • Production Readiness
      • Preparation for build – equipment setups and process validation
      • Fixture Development – to increase throughput capacity 
      • DFSC – design for supply chain, evaluation of component lifecycle and RoHS or non-RoHS compliance
    • In Production
      • Yield improvement – analysis of SPC and SQC data to improve process capability index
      • Post build reporting – valuable feedback and recommendations to improve manufacturability 
  • Solutions:
    • Counterfeit Avoidance Laboratory:
      • Adheres to SAE  AS5553 Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition standard
      • Visual External Inspection for Signs of Resurfacing
      • Visual Microscopic Inspection of Encapsulant Finish and Lead Surfaces
      • X-Ray Inspection
      • X-RF Inspection
      • Decapsulation
      • SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscopy)
      • Parametric Testing a.k.a. Curve Tracing
      • Gross Leak and Fine Lead (Hermetically Sealed Components
      • Functional Electrical Testing
  • Imaging Technology Lab:
    • Value engineering for DLP electronics

At OnCore we’re constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of your product.

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