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Challenges Associated With Concurrent Manufacturing (Pb-Based &Pb-Free) In
An Ems Environment



At OnCore we believe that we earn your continued trust in us as your manufacturing partner by always delivering products that meet or exceed your quality requirements.  The OnCore Quality Management System(QMS) is integral to our data integrity, our customized systems, and our processes that manage complexity while providing you flexibility.   


OnCore measures its quality systems’ performance through its external certifications and registrations.  Key certifications and registrations include:


QMS Requirement

OnCore Implementation


Personnel training and qualification

OnCore OCuity (proprietary custom software encompassing Materials Management System & Manufacturing Execution System) ensures that operators trained for each process /operation are qualified to perform the work

Only qualified operators perform your work.  Increases process improvements.

Documentation control

Complete document vault and secure document transmission site.  On-line work instructions in OCuity.

IP security for your documents.  Assures ITAR compliance flowdown.  OCuity ensures that the correct revision is used to build your product.

Product identification and traceability at all stages of production

All materials are serialized as received, kitted and consumed in production.  All assemblies have unique serialization allowing for full assembly traceability.  

Complete traceability and genealogy of your product.  Aids in DFM and product recalls.

Purchasing control

Rigorous supplier management processes

Assures early detection of supplier quality and delivery excursions.  Minimizes supply shortages.

Controlling and defining production and processes

Process definitions on-line with revision  control and effectivity dates

Assures consistent, repeatable product production

Defining and controlling inspection, measurement and test equipment

Test instruments calibrated by standards organizations on a fixed schedule

Independent test processes and equipment assessment assures consistent test outputs

Validating processes

Well documented processes for validating processes, equipment and operators

Assures consistent product performance and efficacy

Instituting corrective and preventive action when errors occur

Complete CAPA system and processes that correct and prevent process escapes.  MRB system and processes for managing non-conforming materials

Rapid failure analysis.  Reduced costs as DPMO is reduced.

Statistical techniques

Real-time SPC.  Feed-forward/feed-back process control

Reduced costs as number of defective parts is reduced.



OnCore measures its quality systems’ performance through its external certifications and registrations.  Key certifications and registrations include:






Industry Specific Quality Designations







State of California Registered

AS9102 FAI Compliance

Process Quality Designations


UL Registered

Procedure Quality Standards

IPC 610 Class 2&3 Workmanship

IPC 7711/7721 Rework / Repair

IPC 610, 771, 7721 Certified Trainer

IPC J-Std Class 2&3 Compliant Soldering


Underlying all of OnCore’s quality systems, processes and procedures is the OnCore Quality Policy which states:

OnCore Quality Policy

The employees of OnCore collectively commit to continual improvement and innovation in:

  • Customer Service

  • Quality Performance

  • Productivity

  • Cost Effectiveness

These Objectives will be carried out with employee safety and protection of our environment in mind.


Our commitment to Quality helps us assure that your product will perform as you designed it.  It’s one more way we earn your Trust.

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