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Contract Manufacturing Services: OnCore Production System (OPS)

OnCore Supply Chain and Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing Services

Delivering products to your customers at the right time, the right price and with the right quality is the key to a product’s success.

At OnCore we’ve built our company around maximizing these key success factors.   The framework of data, systems, processes and people that maximize these key success factors is the OnCore Production System (OPS).  Some of the benefits to your company of OPS include:

Right Time:

  • OnCore APEX – our custom-designed planning system based on a time-phased planning engine which enables:
  • Closed-loop planning with constraints (capacity and material)
  • Sourcing prioritization – component starvation avoidance and throughput optimization
  • Demand management that can adjust to fluctuations in your demand signal through What If Analysis
  • Inventory management –forward looking with remediation to minimize excess and obsolete components
  • OnCore Ocuity – our custom-designed manufacturing execution system (MES) which provides:
  • Serialized tracking and genealogy  – improves failure analysis, reduces time-to-recall, provides full traceability of all manufacturing operations and personnel
  • Parametric data collection and analysis – supports real-time SPC, DPMO, Rolling Throughput Yield, Pareto Analysis, basis of SQC, prevents processing of products that fail an operation test
  • On-line documentation – eliminates risk of incorrect documentation used in manufacturing, eliminates all paper from production area, allows for immediate implementation of ECOs and documentation changes, effectivity date controls, links to ECO system
  • Operator certification management – assures that only an operator qualified for the tool and operation performs the work – assures ITAR compliance

Right Price:

  • OnCore ERP and Material Management System  – our customized ERP and material management system provides:
  • Lot control – through incoming inspection to kitting which assures component tracking to work orders
  • Customer Focus Team/Program Management – dedicated program managers, working with OnCore Global Sourcing and OnCore process engineers, constantly work to improve your costs using DFM and DFSC techniques

Right Quality:

  • OnCore’s Quality Management System not only tracks critical-to-quality factors but ensures that quality is built in from sourcing to incoming inspection to kitting to production to fulfillment.  OnCore’s Quality Management System’s data is all accessible by our customers through a secure Customer-Web-Portal.  Key elements include:
  • Tracking of supplier lot control numbers and certificates of compliance to work orders
  • Operator training certification management – assures operators’ certifications meet the requirements to work on your product
  • CAPA/MRB/ICAR systems all are designed to provide rapid analysis and corrective action of product and process excursions – prevents shipping an unqualified product, helps reduce costs through process and product design improvements
  • Site certifications – assures that every OnCore site has been audited and certified by the appropriate agency including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, IPC , UL and FDA
  • 20-20 – OnCore’s real-time quality data collection and analysis system – provides feed-forward/feed-back process control and product quality analysis 
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