Supply Chain Solutions

Oncore’s turnkey supply chain management solutions are collaborative, customer-focused systems designed to deliver cost effective and tailored supply chains for each OnCore Customer.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

OnCore has a team of Supply Chain Solution Managers (SCSMs) who are experienced supply chain managers assigned to understand each customer’s business needs and design OnCore’s supply chain to best serve those needs. Customized supply solutions optimize responsiveness and flexibility while minimizing risk and might include:

FG Kanban – Smooth planning process and allows for immediate upside

Component Fulfillment Programs

Component Safety Stock

Sourcing – OnCore currently manages procured materials by a dedicated centralized sourcing team and site level procurement. We have specialists who focus company-wide on electronic materials, PCB fabs, and build-to-print commodities.

Integrated Planning and Execution – Materials program managers, production control and buyers work with site based program management to manage your materials requirements on a daily basis.

Logistics Management – OnCore provides complete logistics management and offers competitive rates with strategic carrier partners. Our Logistics team also adds expertise in import/export compliance and CTPAT management.



How E2open improves OnCore’s supply chain flexibility, agility and responsiveness to end-customer demand by:

  1. Enhancing supplier communication through exception based management.  
  2. Improving real-time supply chain information visibility. 
  3. Accelerating collaborative planning and execution.