Diverse Technology & Industrial Markets

OnCore has built a wide variety of industrial products and possesses deep experience to bring to bear and deploy to your benet on your next program launch.

Diversity of mix – OnCore offers solutions tailored to diverse sets of needs:

  • Complex Systems - Quantity one to 100+ per month
  • Complex Mix – complex product families of parts with hundreds of varieties and product flavors
  • Mid-to Higher Volume devices

Multi Technology Integration – OnCore has established a robust supply base, ability to source and the
engineering process know-how to handle, assemble and test a multitude of product technologies

  • Electronics
  • Interconnection
  • Enclosures / Mechanicals
  • Motion Control and Automation
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics / Fluidics management
  • RF technology and testing
  • Optical technology 


 Diversity of Product Manufacturing Experience

Vehicle Service Diagnostics

Commercial Projector

Digital Display

Factory Automation

Examples of Diverse Technology & Industrial Products Manufactured at OnCore

  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Scientific & Laboratory Equipment
  • Oil Refinery Analytical & Safety Equipment
  • Oil/Gas pipeline inspection systems
  • Solar Inverter Systems
  • Commercial Video Projectors
  • LED Display Systems
  • POS Automation Systems
  • GPS Based Automation Equipment
  • Satellite, WAN and LAN Automation systems
  • EV and Industrial Vehicle Charging Systems
  • Vehicle Service Diagnostic Tools
  • Smart-Grid Infrastructure
  • Plasma Lighting Products
  • Water treatment systems